Andaman and Nicobar Is More Than Kaala Paani! Must Visit…

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an integral part of India. If you want to wake up to peace, tranquility and white sandy beaches, then head here. The islands have so much to offer that a week’s holiday will also seem less.

But don’t worry, the team at Khurki decided to make it easy for you.

1. Bharatpur Beach


The beach is located close to the jetty on Neil Islands. You will find the most beautiful coral reefs here. You can go snorkeling her in the mornings or simply read a book in the evening.

2. Cellular Jail


Image courtesy: Retina Charmer Photography

Popularly known as Kaala Pani, this is the infamous jail where the Britishers sent the most controversial convicts to die. The jail serves as a hospital in the present day and you must book tickets for the sound and light show that is held here in the evenings.

3. Limestone Caves


You must include these cave in your itinerary for Andaman’s. They are a nature’s wonder and you will be amazed at their beauty. Be sure to hire a speedboat and a guide for this trip.

4. Marina Park and Aquarium


This unique marine park is officially called as the Samudrika Marine Museum. The museum is run by the Indian navy and gives you an insight into the aquatic life of the islands.

5. Radhanagar Beach


This one is located on the coast of Havelock Islands. The beach No. 7 was once given the award for the best beach in Asia by TIME magazine. You will actually be able to see three colours of the water here.