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And You Thought Kangana Ranaut Couldn’t Speak In English!


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The reigning Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut is all set to blow away any interview with immense confidence and just the right English…

If there’s anyone out there who still thinks that Kangana Ranaut English speaking skills still need polishing, then you better check this video out..!!

We do know that she had some goof ups..

But Kangana corrected her flaws and admitted them too…

Though Kangana won the best actress in a leading role at IIFA 2015, where she was not present, this is what she was in 2007 after she won her IIFA for Gangster...

Her interview after Queen surely got me digging my eyes at how lovely she looked..

This Kangana and John’s rowdy love making will surely make you looking for some water…

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