Things That Women Think About 100 Times But Men Just Don’t!


Yes, I know what gender sensitization is all about, but these are facts of our society.

Man-vs-woman is the oldest war known to the human civilization. It might have taken a subtle form these days, but it sure does exist still. After all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus!!.

In Khurki’s attempt to understand the gender better, we realised a woman puts in too much thought and emotion in what may seem inane to the opposite sex. It’s not about who is right or who is wrong (I know for a woman it’s always her and for a man it’s always her again) – it’s about what exists against what!

What to wear!

An average woman spends 75% of her morning deciding what to wear. What about above the average beautiful ones 😉

Buying their UGs ..

For a Female its a TASK, but for a man it’s like buying before even entering the store.

What to eat!

A woman always look for the tastiest & the healthiest food. But tell a man that this towel is eatable, he won’t even ask for ketchup.

Telling something that may annoy your best friend

You might hurt a girl’s sentiments, but a bro’ is always a bro’ even when you kick his ass every other day

Hitting on somebody you don’t even know

Every boy can/wants to hit on every girl next door. But girls are much sensible in this case.

Facial Hair!

A man will go for a shave when he is dating somebody as he expects to get cosy too. But a girl..oh you know it!

Picking up the right shampoo

A Girl will look for a shampoo rich in aloe vera, amla, 2000 different herbs and vitamins – in short, right shampoo for her. But a boy will pick up the shampoo on the right side of  the shelf & at times might confuse a conditioner for shampoo, but not bother to wash his head again.

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