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An Open Letter to an Officer For Whom Dying On Duty Was A Job


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Dear Lt Kiran Shekhawat,

I am sorry you died at a wrong time and more wrong was the day your body was found. 26th March 2015, the day we got the news about the confirmation of your death, coincided with a very important match for the country – the semi-finals of the World Cup between India and Australia and sadly, we lost the match.

Cricket is a religion for the Indians and news relatedto that is far more important than the death of an officer who takes care of our security. It is more important to share crying picture of MS Dhoni and praise him for being the nation’s hero who hasn’t yet met his newborn daughter as he was on a ‘National Duty’.


It was more important for some to make sarcastic comments on Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli and for rest to tweet in support of them. After all, you were doing your ‘job’ & dying in your job is very normal but what cricketers do is a passion, they do it for the country!

There was another officer to die along with you; Sub Lt Abhinav Nagori but I choose to address this to you as you have become the first Indian lady officer to die on line of duty & yes you were also a part of the first ever all-woman officer contingent to participate in this year’s Republic Day Parade. Many did congratulate the women power then. We have lost many officers & people do pay respect to them but I hardly see posts about you & Sub Lt Abhin
av; as I said you just died at a wrong time!

World Cup is far more important for us.


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