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Amma By Akriti Kakar Is One Beautiful Song!

Children’s Day just passed and we all had our share of fun on 14th Nov..!!

I am sure when someone must have wished you ke bhai happy children’s day then you must have replied ke bhai ab to bade hogae ab kahe ka children’s day…and the other person would have said sai baat yaar din to bachpan ke thae ab to sirf jee rahe hain..!!

Then it happened again…you went home and your mom wished you – Happy Children’s Day bachu…you replied maa am not a kid now..and she sympathetically looked at you and with a heart warming smile passed on a hot cup of tea to you saying “mere liye to tu saari umar bacha hee rahega!!”

Makes your day haina..somethings never change – I love you Amma..Maa..Ai..Emmi..Baa..Mummy..!! Tareeka bhale hee alag ho par ehsas same hai…pure feelings..!!

This song by Akriti Kakar has the same kind of innocence and selfless feeling in it..check it out..

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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