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Wow! Winters Are Here, So Are These Amazing Foods!

Finally winters are here and we now want to comfort ourselves with the warmest of clothing and some amazing foods besides of course the best of  dry fruits.

Summers just don’t let you savour the taste of your favourite cuisines. If you get a chance to eat any of these delicacies, go ahead and pamper yourself.

It’s time to take a look at some amazing foods. Let’s celebrate some guilt free winters..yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

1. Gajar ka halwa

amazing foods

No winter is complete without having bowls full of this absolute delight. The dish is made with carrots and ghee and is loaded with dry fruits of all kinds.

2. Saag

amazing foods

No winter food list can be complete without sarson ka saag in it. This is a famous North Indian dish, which is made with mustard leaves and is full of iron.

3. Roasted sweet potatoes

amazing foods

This humble veggie is available in abundance throughout the winter season. Some people like to eat it boiled, steamed, roasted over an open fire or like a veggie. Don’t judge it by its looks, it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

4. Laddoo

amazing foods

Don’t we all love eating laddoos made with goond ,during winters. This special resin like substance provides body with the right amount of heat and strength.It’s actually a very good immunity booster.

5. Rogan ghosht

amazing foods

This dish originally belongs to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, but is loved by one and all. The mutton is cooked to perfection and makes any cold winter evening warm.It is so delicious that even the slightest talk about it makes my mouth super flooded.

6. Undhiyu

amazing foods

The dish belongs to the state of Gujarat. The main ingredient of this dish is a vegetable called papdi. This complete dish is full of all types of veggies and is best served with pooris.

7. Nolen gurer sandesh

amazing foods

These bites of heaven are only made in the winters, as their main ingredient palm jaggery is produced only during this time of the year. This dessert is sure to take you to a dreamy world of warmth and flavour.

I hope you liked my amazing foods list and in case you have some of your own recipes then do share them with us!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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