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Amazing Facts About Mathematics! Bet Nos. 7 And 13 Will Leave You Surprised


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In school days, we have all faced Mathematics questions which were very irritating at times. Some of us always wanted to get rid of some silly algebraic questions and exercises for homework.

But here, we have 16 amazing facts about this subject that you will be surprised to know:

1. A pizza which has radius ‘z’ and height ‘a’ has Volume=Pi + z + z + a = ‘Pizza’.

Maths Facts-Khurki.net

2. In a sunflower, the sequence followed by many spherically spiral patterns in a bud follows Fibonacci series

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

3. The word ‘Hundred’ is actually taken from the word ‘hundrath’, which means 120 and not 100.


4. 111,111,111*111,111,111=12345678987654321, which is a basic counting series, read from either end

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

5. The only number that can never be represented by Roman numerals is ‘zero’.


6. The most popular favourite number of people is 7

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

7. In most of the Asian continent, number 4 is known as very unlucky! Because in Korean, Mandarin and Japanese word ‘four’ is used for ‘death’ and you may not see a fourth floor in an elevator or a hospital room that ends with ‘four’ in China

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

8. Did you ever notice you can express your laughter in numbers? No, but in Thailand the number ‘5’ is used for word ‘ha’ and a combination of 555 becomes ‘hahaha’.

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

9. For every 23 persons, there is 50% chance of two persons having same birthday


10. Not many students believe, but it is accepted and proven that ‘zero’ is an Even Number.

Groups for Odd & Even-Khurki.net

11. ‘Seven’ is most commonly used numeric in human culture. We have Seven Wonders, Seven Rainbow colours, Seven seas, Seven Dwarfs and Seven days of the week


12. Zero is the only number with most number of the names. Zero is also called naught, nil, zilch, naught and zip.

Maths fact-Khurki.net

13. Name ‘Google’ was actually derived from a misspelt word ‘googol’. Googol practically means 1 followed by 100 zeroes


14. Any two opposite sides of a dice, when added make ‘7’.

Maths Fact-Khurki.net

15. PI never repeats and never ends when written in decimal numbers. It is irrational

Maths Fact-khurki.net


Confounded, aren’t you! Well, that’s our job to provide you informative stuff.

Enjoy calculating!

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