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So You Are Also Alone On Diwali? This Is What You Can Do..

What is worst than being alone on Diwali? And doing nothing about is even worst. There are chances you might end up as a loner on Diwali. That would definitely make you feel sad & mad about yourself and life. The worst part of being a loner is you end up over thinking. Making your life even sadder then what it is actually. The major problem is not taking effective steps to get over the things going on in your life. I might sound like an agony uncle but then it is true.

And it is good that you landed on this page as you have taken the first step to get over your loneliness this Diwali. There can also be a case you are tired of people and that is completely okay. Here’s the list for all those who are loners on Diwali by chance or by choice.

It’s resolution time!


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Now you would think that’s a New Year thing. Well there is no such rule book for doing such a thing. Also, Diwali is considered the beginning of a new year as far as the Hindu mythology is concerned. So take a resolution and start making plans for it.

Treat yourself to good food

The best thing you can do to yourself: treat yourself with best food. And if you don’t want to end up eating alone at a restaurant and get labeled as official loner, treat yourself with food cooked by you for you.

A good read


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Even if you are not a frequent reader, call up one and ask for help. Reading never disappoints, makes things comfortable. So enjoy the true pleasure of reading.

Make it spa-cial


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That’s the best leisure thing on Diwali. Always remember there are people working on festivals as well. Go for a special spa, cleanse yourself in and out and let the chaos in head go away.

Binge watching

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Now that sounds like a plan. If I am a loner on Diwali, I am game for some binge watching. Make a checkout list of the best movies of your choice or TV series. Get some chips and popcorn and you are sorted.
Note: Don’t eat much popcorn, it hurts later.

Clean your place


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People usually clean houses and offices on Diwali. And you can do that this D-Day for no reason. No matter what cleaning gives a strange sense of satisfaction after a while.

Green Diwali


Image Source Mereside Maintenance

Yeah, sounds a bit of a cliché. When the entire nation is suffocating the mother earth, you should plant some trees to make her breathe better at least in future. And gardening is therapeutic on its own.

Make it a little like thanksgiving


This is something anyone would love to do. Make a list of people working on Diwali. You are alone because you don’t have people to celebrate it with. But there are people who are not celebrating Diwali because they have to earn their bread and butter. So thank them for being so great. And give out some good gifts to those who need things and most of all love.

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Devashish Vaid
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