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And You Thought You Knew All About Bollywood?

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If you thought you knew all about Bollywood stars, then be prepared for a shock. Some of your favourite superstars have siblings who have chosen to stay out of the limelight, willingly. You might have heard of them but if you were to see them on the road, you would not recognize them for sure. In India, children generally follow the profession of their parents and siblings too tend to copy each other. But the celebrities we found for you today are the ones who managed to stay away from public eye.

5 Rhea Kapoor

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She is Sonam Kapoor’s elder sister, and is a successful woman in her league. She has been producing movies, and is also the fashion designer for her famous sister. Apparently, she is happy with her role and has no interest to come in front of the camera.


4 Shehnaz Lalarukh

Well most of you will instantly go blank at the mention of this name. And even if you Google it, nothing much will come up. But you will be surprised to know that she is none other than SRK’s elder sister. She lives with SRK in Mannat. And we still missed catching a glimpse of her.


3 Anisha Padukone

She is Deepika’s real sister and that’s the only thing they have common with each other. Otherwise they both are successful in their respective fields. She is a well-known professional golfer, she holds many ranks and sports is her life.


2 Aditya Rai

He is Aish’s elder brother and if he wanted with the kind of popularity she has, he could have joined Bollywood too. But he bowed out when the only movie he produced Dil Ka Rishta bombed at the box office. He is an engineer in the merchant navy and very happy with his career.


1 Bijoyeta Basu

She is none other than Bips’ younger sister and quite stunning like her too. Although she is not as famous as her sister, but we hear she has plans to follow her footsteps and join Bollywood.



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