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Alia Bhatt Confesses She Started Dating In Class 6!


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Alia Bhatt confesses about her string of boyfriends…

With back to back hits, Alia Bhatt is slowly making her way to the top. She’s known to be candid in her confessions and not be overly secretive.

She made some confessions on The Anupam Kher Show – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai on the small screen. Alia said that she always wanted to be an actor, and mind it, the most loved one. She is known to have said that she wanted to be an actress since childhood. Besides the actresses, she wanted to be like Shah Rukh Khan too.

Another thing she is known to be open about is her love life:

Comment and video credits: https://www.youtube.com

1. Alia has lots of guts to accept what she is and we should respect it not to make fun of it!!

2. Why are many writing bad stuff about Alia? She is cute and honestly about herself. That really impress me, because I want to be that too, which is really hard sometimes. But really hats off to you Alia.

3. Alia reminds me of Asha Parekh, but i don’t like the way she talks, may be needs to improve her communication. She talks too fast and interferes alot. I can’t say i don’t her.

Khurki verdict: Alia loves to confess or create a FUSS!!!

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