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Does Alcohol Bring Out The Best Or Worst In You?


They say alcohol makes you immature, loud and annoying! And, I believe this is 100% true.

People sure act differently when they are under the influence of alcohol. They will laugh at everything, dance whenever they get the chance, speak whatever they want and generally act like they are having the greatest night of their life. Little do they realise that such acts of theirs go to ridiculous level and start annoying others.

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So let’s look for these annoying & irritating things drunkards do….more importantly make sure you are not one of them.

10 Starting a fight for no reason

Were you staring at my girlfriend? How dare you!

9 Getting totally emotional while remembering ex-es or loved ones

I know she treats me like hell, but I still love her.

8 Trying to help people patch up without knowing them

Chalo Jaane Do Ab Chhodo Bhi!!

7 Calling and texting friends and sharing absolutely nonsense stuff or doing shayro-Shayri

Arz kiya hai: Pyar wafa sab kuch mita diya hota,
Uska naam tak bhula diya hota,
Agar tasvir uski dil me na hoti,
To kasam se ae DOSTO khud ko
bhi jala diya hota!

6 Forgetting everything and dancing crazily when drunk

I am one bottle down…Buuurrraaahh!!

5 Most dangerous, speaking the truth & sharing old secrets

Sssssshhhhhh…Just listen to me!!

4 Making new friends during smoke or drink rounds

Hi….Rahul, naam toh suna hoga?

3 Falling asleep in places that you shouldn’t

Oh teri!!

2 Leaving someone waiting…the most annoying thing drunkards do

Abey aa jaa yaar …….

1 Falling around on people or sofas

Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai…….



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