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Akshay Hurt While Shooting For ‘Singh Is Bliing’

akshay hurt

Not using a body double nearly proved life threatening for superstar Akshay Kumar while shooting for his upcoming movie…

The Singh is Bliing star was supposed to jump from a fire hula loop while filming for the song, Tung Tung Baje and while doing so, his leg accidentally caught the fire ring.

Immediate actions were taken to extinguish the fire and rescue the 47-year-old actor. Akshay Kumar prefers to do all stunts by himself, without using a body double and there is often a chance that a failed stunt can cause a disaster but this macho man dares to do it all without any fear.

Reports are that Akhshay loves doing his stunts coz that’s how it gets him to add that extra bit of emotion to the whole scene and risking his life for it..And this is not the first time Akshay hurt himself during shooting….Woww you’re a true man..!!

Here’s wishing Akki the best for his upcoming flick…It’s already making much of a wave…



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