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In Agra, Don’t Miss Out On These Attractions At Any Cost!

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Agra is loaded with architecture and history. It offers you the Taj, tombs and shrines. Just take a stroll in this city and you will be bewildered and surprised with the looks. When in Agra, remember to visit all these locations!

1 Taj Mahal

It took over 22 years for The Taj to be completed and its beauty cannot be captured in a digital image. This monument needs to be on the must-see list of every traveller.

2 Mehtab Bagh

Emperor Babur built this beautiful Mughal garden. It is located on the east bank of Yamuna and was built much before the conception of Taj Mahal. You must take out time to visit this place, when in Agra.

3 Fatehpur Sikri

This historical town is at a distance of 40kms for Agra and is a World Heritage Site from UNESCO. It goes back to 1569, when Akbar founded it. You need to spare at least a day for this place if you want to see it all.

4 Akbar’s Tomb

The location of this tomb is called Sikandra’s complex. It is one of Agra’s most beautiful architectural marvels. Work was started in 1605 by Akbar and was completed by Jehangir. It displays various styles of architecture beautifully.

5 Agra Fort

The Agra fort is one of the finest forts built by the Mughals. It is massive and made of red sandstone. The location is beautiful on the bank of Yamuna and the views from it breathtaking.

6 Itimad-ud-daula’s Tomb

This monument is often called the Baby Taj. It is an exquisite tomb belonging to Mirza Ghiyas Beg. It was built between 1622 and 1628. And Mughal Queen Noor Jahan built it. Before the Taj was built, this was the most beautiful tomb in India.



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