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Advani’s Comments On Emergency Seen As Dig At PM Modi

BJP leader LK Advani has said that “forces that can crush democracy have become stronger” in India, in remarks that are being seen as a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and have been seized by opposition parties.

“Advani ji is correct in saying that emergency can’t be ruled out. Is Delhi their first experiment?” tweeted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose government is locked in an ugly power tussle with the Centre.

Another Aam Aadmi Party leader, Ashutosh said: “This reminds me of that time LK Advani hinted at dictatorship and Hitler in his blog when Modiji was being chosen as PM candidate. What LK Advani ji has said shows that he has no faith in Modi and this government.”

In an interview to The Indian Express, Mr Advani has said: “At the present point of time, the forces that can crush democracy, notwithstanding the constitutional and legal safeguards, are stronger.”

He was speaking on the 40th anniversary of the Emergency, when opposition leaders were jailed and severe curbs on the media by the Congress government of the time.

“I do not say that the political leadership is not mature. But because of the shortcomings, I don’t have faith. I don’t have the confidence that it (Emergency) cannot happen again,” said the 87-year-old BJP veteran.

Asked to specify what makes India today vulnerable to an Emergency-like situation, he said: “I do not see any sign in our polity that assures me, any outstanding aspect of leadership. A commitment to democracy and to all other aspects related to democracy is lacking.”

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, one of PM Modi’s strongest critics, said: “Advani ji is a senior most leader and if he is saying this then it is a matter of worry.”

Mr Advani, who had once tried unsuccessfully to persuade his party against picking Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate, was assigned the role of mentor and kept out of decision-making soon after the party took power last year.

“Advani ji was referring to institutions rather than pointing towards any individual,” said BJP spokesperson MJ Akbar.


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