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5 Incredible Advance Ancient Civilizations Known to Man

Have you ever looked at your smartphone and the huge skyscraper in front of you and then imagined, damn, we’ve come a long way. Indeed! It has been a long journey here. The whole world is connected like never before. We have everything that our species would never even have imagined thousands of years ago. But, what if I told you, some ancient civilizations made certain achievements that look insane even for modern technology. You will agree after going through this list of 5 incredible and advanced ancient civilisations that were thriving thousands of years ago. Let’s find out what were these civilizations and what all they had that even the modern man hasn’t figured out yet.

Ancient China (2100 – 221 BC)

Ancient advance China
Source: YouTube

Ancient China gave the world pretty much everything that was extremely necessary to build the modern world. From inventing paper-making and printing techniques and compasses to locate distant places to inventing gunpowder, which essentially is the reason how the world is shaped today.

They also gave us kites and toilet papers, which is obvious because they invented paper making in the first place. One more very important contribution of ancient China, the Qin Dynasty to be exact, was the crossbow, a weapon that revolutionized wars.

Now, imagine all this was given by a civilization that existed thousands of years ago.

Ancient Egypt (3150 – 31 BC)

Ancient Egypt

Source: WikiPedia

Probably one of the most famous ancient civilizations is the Egypt Empire. This genius civilization had incredible expertise in the fields of Math, Architecture, and medicine.

Not just that, they were capable of long-term planning for preparing themselves for disasters, they also had a much modern mindset when it came to equal rights for women. If it wasn’t for a slave. Every man and every woman in Egypt had equal opportunities for getting power. This ideology clearly depicts a much-developed civilization with a broader perspective of the world. To put that in perspective, some countries even today don’t consider women equal to men, and here we’re talking about a civilization that thrived thousands of years ago.

Inca Civilization (1200 – 1542 AD)

Source: WikiPedia

Source: WikiPedia

They essentially had an amazing zeal for developing roads even at places where it was simply insane to even think about  thousands of years ago. But they did it. They achieved it quite easily. The Inca trail is a very good example of their abilities, you can trek on this amazing road and reach the beautiful Machu Pichu.

Ancient Greece (800 – 150 BC)

Source: WikiPedia

Ancient Greece is one civilization that we cannot thank enough for their contributions in the fields of math, architecture and astrology. If it wasn’t for Greece, we might not have ever invented the device that you’re using right now to read this.

Along with their specializations and huge contributions to the subjects mentioned, the Greek also invented different forms of art and the concept of drama, which is used to this date to spread special messages in the society. Hard to believe they invented trigonometry thousands of years back and we have a hard time learning what they already gave us.

Indus Valley Civilization (10,000 – 2,500 BC)

Source: WikiPedia

One of the oldest known civilizations to man is the civilization of the Indus Valley. Located in the modern day India and Pakistan. These cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro were dug up within this century. One needs to know that this civilization was capable of planning entire cities, which is a big deal because even the sewer system found in these millennium’s old cities were even better than those currently in action in India, Pakistan and a few other Asian Countries.

The Harappan civilization is yet to reveal many secrets for the archeologists and the world.

Bottom Line

These were just five of the many ancient civilizations that reveal about the rich heritage of the human race. We can take many lessons from what they left for us to understand. You might wanna share it around with your friends who you think will be happy to learn.


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