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Things Indian Men Should Immediately Stop Doing In Public


Devashish Vaid
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Without offence to any one, I would like to come straight to the point – Indian men need to know and understand that there are a few things they do which is spoiling the image of all us Indian men. To an extent it is correct we all live in a male-dominated society. But, every man should have some self respect and knowledge about what to and what not do in a public place. No, we are not talking about damaging public property or throwing garbage around but about damaging thy own image and ruining the image of men’s race in the country.

Things Indian Men Should Immediately Stop Doing In Public

Scratching their balls

Adjusting their underwear

indian men

Peeing in public


Touching your girlfriend’s ass, makes you no stud but a pervert

indian men

Eye-sex/rape of a girl

indian men

Nose picking – that should be for all genders

indian men

Smiling the tharki way at girls


Fight with your partner

Couple Fight

Being abusive



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