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Absolutely Safe Indian Destinations For Solo Women Travellers!

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The guide books and the travel guides make India look like an unsafe destination for women travelling alone. But we beg to differ.

Although safety should be given prime importance, if you follow a few basic rules you should be okay. We have for you today a few Indian destinations that are beautiful, charming and they can be traveled to solo.

Keep them in your bucket list.

1. Beautiful Nainital

Located in the state of Uttarakhand, the city of Nainital is totally worth the visit. The people are nice and the smiles infectious.

2. Mysore

The city is the most happening place in the state of Karnataka. If you want to see Indian culture up close this is the city for you.

3. Shimla

Hill stations have always been known for being safe and welcoming. Shimla is no different. Plan a trip in the winters and witness the snow.

4. Khajuraho

It is a beautiful UNESCO site which every Indian must visit in his lifetime. If you don’t mind the vendors, it is one of the safest places to spend the weekend.

5. Udaipur

On the whole, the people of Rajasthan are very helpful and friendly. You might be in for a treat.

6. Kaziranga

Who said women can’t go to a destination where there is no shopping? Prove them wrong by planning a trip to the rhino sanctuary.

7. Varanasi

If you want to see our Indian culture up-close, then this is the city for you. It is alive and kicking at all times and people go out of the way to help strangers.


So, which is the destination on the plan ladies?



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