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Did You Know This About Justin Bieber?



Justin Bieber is the heartthrob of Gen-X. When he sings, you are sure to miss a heartbeat and get mesmerized by his soulful voice.

Despite his popularity, he is all human at the end of the day. And like other humans, he has his likes and dislikes. But, there are some things about him we bet even you don’t know…

So, here are some facts. . .

1. Justin is a huge fan of Onesies


He once went for a photo shoot in a cherry red onesi.

2. Justin adores his younger sister Jazmyn


He can do anything for her and is very protective of her too.

3. His father is a former MMA fighter


Although his parents have separated now.

4. He loves sour patch kid candies


He hogs on them when he is bored.

5. His mother uploaded his videos on YouTube


She made him famous. Well, well!!

6. Despite being an adult, Justin has two teddy bears


He is very fond of them and named them Mr Bear and Willis.

7. If granted one wish, he would love to have the power to fly


Up, up and away…

8. He just cannot resist ice cream in cotton candy flavour


Yum, yum..!!

9. His present home was the ex-residence of Britney Spears


10. Once a week he calls Will Smith


Well, to have a man-to-man talk with him.

11. His most favourite breakfast is berries with Captain Crunch


Hope you enjoyed these facts about your favourite star…

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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