What do the 90s kids relate with? Here’s your nostalgia building reference…


The good old 90s! What an era it was. Spending loads of time on what you loved the most. Let me put it right, are we actually spending time in the present with what we love or are we just used to it? You know the answer well. 90s was a time when things seemed simpler as compared to now. When life was not as influenced by technology and when happiness was found in smaller things. It’s a shame that kids these days missed out on so much we used to do back in the 90s.

I got all nostalgic about the era gone by thinking about all these, so why not share the same with you….

As movie buffs, we excitedly waited for DD movie telecast

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That’s true that we did not have many options back then but we watched whatever Doordarshan gave us and we loved it!

The great stories in Potli Baba Ki

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Puppets appeared from his potli, which enacted some of the most amazing stories. Totally a fancy world for a 90s kid!

Having grand cricket match against rival colony

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Oh! the ground was packed. There was no one in the extras, everyone who came to play was part of the team. The winning team got a new cosco ball from the losing team and sometimes Rs 10 per head. Whether you lost or won, do you remember?

If it rained, it meant playing football and living the moment

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Diving into a puddle of mud was the most satisfying thing in the world. Getting scolded from mom later on was yet another great feeling.

As it got dark, it was time for Luka Chhupi

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Hide and Seek was one of our favorite pass times.

We had to rent VHS tape to watch a movie at home

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Movies like Home Alone, Aladdin came on these rectangular tapes that went into VCRs.

Living in joint family and weekend outings

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Earlier there were less number of malls. A packed lunch in a big park or a garden was all we needed.

On a lucky weekend, a trip to amusement park

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Fun Republic, Essel World, etc. There were different ones in different cities. We all loved going on rides and scaring the crap out of ourselves.

Confined to home? Super Mario, Contra gave company

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In the rare case we weren’t allowed to play outside or had no plays for family outings, we switched on the old Nintendo and play games.

Talking about Superheroes, Shaktimaan came first!

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The Avengers are cool but Shaktimaan holds a very special place in our hearts. He was first a friend, then a superhero.

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Waking up to He-Man every Sunday morning

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was how we started our Sundays and we did not mind getting up early to watch our blonde hero take on Skeletor.

How can we forget Mowgli and the Jungle Book!

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Jungle book and Daanasur were absolute favorites. The team of Bageera and Baloo was our absolute favorite and let’s not even start talking about the terror that was Sher Khan. But we all loved Chipkali ke nana – Daanasur

Rearranging our collection of mix tapes, CDs

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It consumed much of our time as finding our favorite songs and recording them was a tough task at that point of time.

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When Dad took us on long drives, where we could eat tasty street food

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It did not matter if it messed up our stomach. In fact, we are sure most of us wished it did. So that we could miss school the next day.

Friends in the block came together to collect money for ice cream

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Remember the ice cream cart Bhiaya. We could just buy a orange candy for 5 bucks or a cone and spend hours talking with our colony friends. The taste of an orange bar on a hot day is unbeatable.

Collecting Tazos, Center Fresh cards and stamps

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There was this crazy keeda within us to collect tazos, trump cards or stamps. There was a feel of huge success and pride in taking your collection to school. Wasn’t it?

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