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8 Ways In Which Internet Killed The Real Life Things, Including Love!

Internet addiction has literally killed many joys of our lives. We often use a smiley but we do we actually smile?

We share a term which means Laughing Out Loud, but do we remember how to laugh. It won’t be surprising if this addictive level of emoticon use will make us forget the real emotions we human beings are capable of – to express.

Agreed, all this information is being read by you on Internet only. But this is the way we can reach you to make you realise these realities!

You all have seen the “Don’t forget to share” button, but for this time just “don’t forget”.

Having 1000s of Facebook friends, but sipping coffee all alone!


The fake world of networking sites get you 100s of likes and comments, but in real life we have forgotten complimenting!

“When he saw everyone showing off the happiness and loving relationships (FAKE) on social networks, he thought he is alone and leads a bad life. In reality, most of the people on this planet are like him”

We kill our time with online games. Little did we realise that we even kill the sportsperson within us


Our HD screens of smartphones killed all the beautiful scenes of life. Every beautiful thing is seen through the lens of a smart phone


Internet has not just killed but also given birth to the unwanted silence. Family busy chatting with the world, but no time for people with you!


We all forward wishes through images, but how many of us noticed that Internet removed the “Greeting Cards” from our lives?

You ran a lot in Subway Surfer, but no time for a walk of peace in park of your city!


It’s high time we realised that life is beyond a screen and a keyboard.

So get up, turn off, live the moment with people you love!

WATCH : If this video can make you understand !!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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