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Top 7 Vehicles Whose Drivers Should Be Labelled ‘Reason-For-Accidents’ On Indian Roads

Road accidents!

Our country is known for and criticised for its pathetic traffic laws, but let us correct ourselves, there is nothing wrong with the law.

It’s us who drive the wrong way. Following the traffic law in a small town in India might make you feel like a loner, who is also being made fun of. We all have heard ‘Roads On India are not Safe to Drive’. Actually, it’s the people on the road who are not safe to be driving with.

Make sure you follow traffic rules no matter what, it’s your duty and obviously you have read/heard this many times before “it’s for your own safety”. But beware of certain vehicles, as these are major contributors to accidents. A road accident doesn’t have to be fatal, but it can be traumatizing for anyone involved regardless of the damage. Either way, some people may feel that speaking to someone similar to a personal injury attorney las vegas (location varies depends on location) could help guide them through this tough time and help put them at ease, especially as this can be a lot for anyone to have to go through.

Here’s the list of mess makers:

8 Pick-up van waale

7 Taxi waale

6 Roadways ki bus waale

5 Cycle & cycle rickshaw waale

4 Auto waale

3 Call Centre ki cab waale

2 Truck waale


This footage is from Chandigarh, where traffic control is said to be one of the best in India.

No kidding!!!



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