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7 Superstitions You Surely Believe In! #2 I Definitely Follow

Our belief in some supernatural casualty – that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events – has allowed us to partake in many different practices such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, prophecies, etc. Many of the best psychic sites offer free readings using one of these to try and discern this natural causality. We hope that by linking two things together we can prevent obstacles and find solutions to our problems.

While superstition is a form of supernatural causality it is considered to be different from astrological beliefs and forms of psychic reading. Superstitions are like rules to life considered essential by the people who have vested their faith in them. Though that doesn’t mean one cannot be vested in one and not be able to partake in the other. For example someone who follows angel number guides can still the number 13 if they so desire.

Today Khurki lists seven of the worlds most popular superstitions that perhaps many of us believed (or still belive) in at some time or another:

1. A Black Cat Crossing Your Way

May bring you bad luck. What kind of bad luck? Perhaps harm your work, or even harm your wealth and health. But maybe this is a superstition we need to drop. Can something as beautiful looking as a black cat really give you bad luck? Look at them… so cute!

2. The Number 13 is Unlucky

Yes, the correlation of the number 13 (especially on a Friday) is considered by many to be unlucky. No matter what country you belong to, the number 13 is one often avoided (except Japan, their unlucky number is 4 because it sounds close to the word for “death”). Check the odds for the number 13 next time you gamble, even then it might be an unlucky ruse if you decide to play.


3. Itchy Palms And Wealth

The story of itchy palms with financial gains and losses. No matter, you haven’t bathed past few days…………


4. Broken Glass or Mirrors

Breaking mirrors brings bad luck… but breaking glass is considered as good luck. And since you can have mirrors made with glass… I wonder how will glass traders can handle these everyday bad and good omens.


5. Adding One Rupee Is Auspicious

Adding one rupee is auspicious to a gift sum. Like 21, 51, 101………Ahaan, that simple one rupee coin changes your perception when gifting but while donating pinches your pocket.


6. Mangliks

Born under Mars need to perform some Pujas and Yajnas and marry another Manglik or else it may lead to marital discord, divorce or death of one of the two in the relation.


7. Peepul trees

Peepul tress in Asia are considered to be a place of rest by ghosts and restless spirits at night. hence they are avoided by many at night, except for the foolish and courageous.

Now, be honest and share with us which ones have you faced. Waiting. In the comments box below!


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