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7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Dating Apps!

Swipe right to find hot soulmate’ OR ‘Swipe left to reject!


Seriously? After close to two decades of dating apps coming into existence, is it still the way you look for a date? Duh!

Online dating actually started way back in 1994, when I wasn’t born but websites like ‘’ and ‘’ had already taken form.

But, are these dating apps really what they seem to be or just another place where your heart will be played with.

To save you from the scam of “IT’S A MATCH”, Khurki brings you 7 reasons why you should stay away from online dating!

1) Stop serving yourself on a platter

Why give someone the opportunity to judge you, go through all your pictures without even meeting them and decide whether you are “Hot Enough” or not? You are not here to please anyone!!



2) Creep alert: Dating apps are one place you find plenty of them

Why do you want to be bothered by creeps who begin with: “Hey I found you on Instagram and Snapchat, now we can share snaps”. Not every boy is what you dream of and not every girl is what you imagine her to be. So, we needn’t tell you what should be your course of action.


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3) As if our search engines weren’t enough to steal our data

Do you ever read the Terms & Conditions before hitting the ‘I Accept’ button? The fine print is where you find why you should not be signing up for it. All your data goes into the hands of a dating app – from age, location to sexual orientation, religion and other personal information all are added to their profile and is stored by the dating apps. And this data is sold to those looking for profiles of certain nature.



4) Fake accounts like Angel Priya on dating apps could be there only to play with your heart

Dating apps have become a common target for scammers. We all have heard about “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Guess what, it goes both ways. So, you really don’t know who you are texting with. I remember seeing a movie where a girl travels miles across the globe to surprise the guy she is dating online. And, she finds that the person had used his best friend’s profile and photo to befriend girls. So, not only is she in for a super heartbreak, but the guy is left shell-shocked on seeing her. That’s another matter that they end up being together finally. But that’s movies, right!


5) It’s not love it’s lust

Another thing to be conscious about: be certain that the attraction is not physical alone, but mental too. We tend to confuse physical attraction with love. It’s physical attraction where communication begins between probable dates and ends at the person not really being the flashy self presented on his/her profile.


6) Don’t get lured into in-app premium subscriptions on dating apps

Paying for Netflix is okay but paying for premium subscriptions on dating apps? Nah?! Do you know of anyone who bought love, as money can’t buy you love! It’s love that should be premium, not subscription!


7) You are probably taking it personally and they are not

You are stressing about replies and taking your online love too seriously. Take a break man, it might just be a “Timepass” for the other person. Rather, learn some tricks of the trade to verify the veracity of your ‘online date’.


So stop being played and get disrespected by a stranger. But, just go out and find someone who is real and sits with you at a chai ki tapri and talks about how their day was.

Daanish Katyal
Daanish Katyal
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