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6 Options For Bangaloreans To Take A Break Close-By

All of you living in Bangalore, have you been looking for options to take a break, but not too far from the city?

We have today lined up for you locations where you could plan a getaway on a weekend. You just need to pack and leave.

Did you know there are six amazing places within 200 kms of your city, ideal for a break?

1. Ramanagaram

Distance from Bangalore: 50 km

Ramanagram should feature on every adventure sports enthusiast’s list. You can choose between rock climbing and bouldering. The granite hills beckon you to come and take a well-deserved break. Ladies, this town has a thriving silk industry, so get geared up to pick up a few saris too. If you have time, do visit the Ramadevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary and Kanya, the amazing man-mad lake.

2. Skandagiri

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

If history has always fascinated you, then travel to this ancient mountain fortress this weekend. It is a wonderful day trip to make with your kids and friends. There is an easy 2-hour trek to the top of the mountain. And let us tell you, it is totally worth it, because the views from the top are panoramic.

3. Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Did you know that there is a hill fort within this distance to your city? The Nandi Hills are believed to have been a summer retreat for Tipu Sultan. If you really want to make it worthwhile, visit at the time of sunset or sunrise. There is a lot to see on the top and it’s a delight for birdwatchers, as there are many migratory birds around.

4. Anthargange

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Travel 4 kms from Kolar and you will reach this spot. The locals hold the temple at the base of the rocky mountain in high regard. The place is ideal for rock climbing and rapelling, due to the massive boulder formations. This is an ideal place to be close to nature and not too far from the city.

5. Mekedatu Falls

Distance from Bangalore: 93 km

Literally means ‘goats leap’ in Kannada. With the river Kaveri flowing on one side, it makes for an ideal place for a picnic. You can also see the merging of rivers Kaveri and Arkavati, about 4 km downstream. The falls have actually been cut by the powerful flow of river Kaveri. The waterfall that’s formed at this gorge will take your breath away.

6. Madhugiri

Distance from Bangalore: 106 km

The town boasts of the largest monolith in Asia. You can visit the deserted temple of Gopal Krishna right at the top of the hill. The small town of Madhugiri also has a personality of its own and is sure to impress you.

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