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6 Cool Ways To Change From A Good To A Bad Girl Image

Are you bored of looking docile and timid? Are you itching to release the bad girl in you?

Then what’s stopping you. Go ahead and show your mean and bad side to one and all.

The first and only thing to remember is that you make your own rules and whether you follow them or not is entirely up to you.

If you are wondering how to go about doing that, read on.

Stock up on leather ware

We wouldn’t dare suggest genuine to you, fake stuff will do. Look like a bad-ass from far off  and up close too.

Only wear lipsticks in the darkest shades of reds, browns magentas and pink

All these colours will work wonders for your reputation, we bet.

Wear as much black as you can

Black is the colour for power, evil and anything sinister. All famous bad-asses in history always wore black.

If you want to make a power statement wear black.

Get a nasty tattoo

This is an optional feature, but if you can go under the needle, it will only speak volumes about your endurance power.

You have to be super confident

Have you ever seen a bad girl who was low on confidence?  If you want people to fear you tune the confidence level to highest.

Get a funky hairstyle

Can you imagine a bad girl in two plaits or a simple bun? Yes exceptions are there. But a funky hairstyle goes a long way in adding to your first and lasting impression.

Colour them red or blue, you are free to do anything, as you are BAD.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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