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Talking Pictures: Masks, Sanity And Confidence!


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Richa Sharmahttps://khurki.net
For Khurki, I am providing sarcasm, which is the only free service I offer. Rest, I'm still digging the earth to get as grounded as possible...Soul to Sole....

The dusky evening and the sunny days and early foggy mornings make you believe this is a perfect winter. Life as we know has such shades for all of us that every time we feel we have finally understood this puzzle, we are in for a new set of hurdles and each has an enigma of its own.

During his illustrious career, ace photographer Rajnish Katyal has shot many smiles and tears. Here, he shares with KHURKI team some pictures which had a larger than life meaning for him.

Masking Life!!!

Finally, I get to rest a little after twelve hours of my grind. I left my house at 5 in the morning. The work was waiting for me, the newspapers to be distributed and then the labour of transporting material from one place to another. Just one smile makes me to do just anything, the smile of my son. Last night, when I went home he asked me if I could buy him a bicycle. How do I explain the 7 year old that his father struggles the whole day to manage the two meals a day.

Photographer:Rajnish Katyal
Photographer: Rajnish Katyal

I wish I can choose to be either of these faces that lie next to me right now. I wish I could change what was in my fate by merely changing the faces.

I wish for a good karma so that in the next birth when the almighty deciding my fate he giving me sufficient money to bring some smiles on the face of those who make my life and its experiences more meaningful…..Amen !!!!

Confidence within, with the darkness of the past!

It seems scary to move on but as I think about the past it seems life is calling for me and I have to move on. Being a widow for seven years after being married at the age of 5, I think my justice is done. I prayed enough to get a new life and which is why I get to be what I am today “beautiful and confident”. I am a graduate and I know how to speak English, but the truth is when I was made bald and put into exile by my in-laws, my father brought me back and promised me a life of dreams.

Dancer suraj kund
Photographer: Rajnish Katyal

Today, as I move on to tie a knot with my life partner once again but this time consciously I’m sure my father’s promise of a dreamy tomorrow is fulfilled.

With the passion of red colour in my feet and confidence that my justice is done I’m sure of taking the next step….the right step, away from the shadows of my past……wish me luck….

About feminists, who’s interested in female welfare

Our names are Shiela, Munni, Paro and Madhuri and we are celebrating the announcement that we heard on radio that soon our village will have a high school. It’s big news for us as we walk 5 kms everyday in the morning to reach the school, which is situated in the nearby village. Postman uncle has told us that the school has been announced in the village as the “Sarkar” is upset that our village has only four girls left and all other kids in the village are boys.

Photographer: Rajnish Katyal

The village has no other girls because my mother told me that god loves girls more than boys, so he send only some girls to our village.

Though we have no problem playing with the boys but what surprises us more is that if God keeps loving girls like this, soon the village will have no girls. But can I ask the Sarkar one question that why doesn’t it also loves girls more to take care of the girls so that they can ask God to gives the girls back to the village.

But the good news is that the school is now in our village and once we grow up, we will become Sarkar and fight God for more girls for the village.

Let us know if you feel close to his thoughts or wish to share your pics and 
thoughts, YOUR MUSINGS!

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