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20 Things About School Fun That Get Us Feeling All Nostalgic



What’s that one thing besides youth which is missed when gone?

Our school time, of course! It’s always a cherished desire to relive our school time – all the fun, the kiddish behaviour, sports, extra curricular activities, even exams.

For all those cherishing their school times, here are those 20 things you always think about and smile to yourselves:

1. Those silly month-long examinations every 3-4 months. They were mandatory, idiotic attempts to stress us.

2. PT (physical training) was the most lovable time. We all just used to have immense fun. But it was very irritating when the History teacher took over for extra lessons! Oh God, please you’ve got your own scheduled period.

P.T Period is taken

3. Recess was one of those 30-minute breaks which generated quickest and shortest of cricket matches in the whole world. (With tiffin as a bat and aluminium food foils being rolled as balls)

4. Going to school on our birthdays was the extremely awaited day of the year. It was the only day we were allowed with civil dress to school and distribute toffees at every bench and to each tutor.

Birthday Celebrations in

5. Understanding the algebraic concepts was the best recipe for disasters! It was silly to be introduced in very early stages.

6. During Annual Day celebrations, the inclusion of separate free period was a wish fulfilled. It made bunking a lot easier!

No Zero Period for Annual

7. Those group visits to the school wash-room after knowing that Geography class is in progress was just epic fun with friends.

Toilet fun at

8. Playing baraf-paani, chain-chain and chiklets was so kiddish, but we played these games so often.


9. Completing English grammar homework was something considered so big, as if we had to search for the God’s Particle.

10. Monday was the worst day of the week as with it began another week of miseries of early morning school.


11. Everything went good till the time you got to know that you had come unprepared for the test in the next period. Oh shit!

Not Prepared for

12. It was a great feeling when we were given a test but on the test day, the teacher was absent! Yippee!

Happiness when teacher is

13. Playing “cross and naughts” and Bollywood-Bollywood at the back pages on the notebooks is something we could never resume after schooling.


14. Participating in school sports week was the way to show how strong you are. This was total competition!

15. That moment, when you were singing all by yourself in a class and suddenly a teacher drops in to check. Lol, we felt so helpless .

Singing in

16. Using mechanical-clutch pencils was something we fancied.


17. Times when you sneaked a wink in the back benches and the teacher caught you just when you woke up. Serious trouble!

18. If you were late in class, the best excuse with an innocent look, remained: “Poornima ma’am called me for some urgent work”.

Late for

19. Not paying the uniform default fines till the last date of the session was seriously an attitude worth applause.

Fine for

20. PTM – that dreaded 4-hour duration when we prayed to not get exposed by teachers. Hahaha!


Hope you refreshed your memories with this! Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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