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20 Silly Questions Children Ask! Can Be Embarrassing But Very Funny


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

Children can ask really silly and embarrassing questions and catch adults off guard.

But their innocence always manages to bring a smile to our lips.

What we have collected for you today is a list of funny questions that children ask. And you might be having the most terrible day, but by the time you read the last one we can bet you would be smiling.

1. Why can’t I ever see my eyes?

2. Why don’t I have a tail like my dog?

3. When a big brother asked his mom, after his sister was born – can we put her back? I wanted a bhai.

4. Oh my God, Daddy is having a baby too!

5. What is that hanging below my willy? I think I am sick.

6. Why are cats/dogs wrestling like crazy?

7. Does Chanda Mama really stay on the moon?

8. Where does the sun go after dark?

9. When the meteor hit the Earth, how did the crocodiles survive?

10. Why are all postmen called that, why not their names?

11. How will Santa come, we don’t have a chimney?

12. I don’t think the tooth fairy is coming? Is she?

13. Why do the sheep and cows sleep standing?

14. Are we still monkeys? We used to be.

15. I want to plant a sausage tree, can I ?

16. Why should I eat broccoli, when daddy doesn’t?

17. Why didn’t God make vegetables taste like candy?

18. To her father – Why did you call Nani annoying?

19. Why does God let people die?

20. And if we go to Heaven, how come the graveyard has the skeletons?

See, we promised a smile on your face and we kept our promise.

Feel free to share your personal experiences with us in the comments box below.

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