Which 16 Words To Avoid When In A Foreign Country?


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Please avoid these 16 words – when in a foreign country.

Now that summer vacations are here, everyone is planning a trip to their favourite destinations. For all those who plan to go for an international holiday, please keep in mind that there are certain countries which aren’t under the influence of English language as much as we are.

Therefore, not everyone can understand what you are trying to say and this might sometimes lead to them misunderstanding you for the words which you utter. Watch out for these 16 words which should be avoided, while on a foreign land.

1. Do not ask anyone to ‘pick’ you in Norway

If you plan to visit Norway during your vacations, then please avoid using the word “Pick”. You’ll save yourself from embarrassment, as it means ‘dick’ over there.


2. ‘Gifting’ and asking for a ‘Latte’ can be tricky in Germany

So you want to please a German by presenting him with a gift? You’d rather just hand it over without saying anything because in Germany this word stands for ‘poison’.

You love your coffee and enjoy its froth besides the milky concoction which Starbucks offers and has named it Cafe Latte. But, if you want to have the same coffee in Germany, it would be better if you use its local name as latte in Germany means ‘erect penis’. I wonder what you’ll be offered by the waiter (ROTFL).

3. In France, you’ll get ‘preservatives’ at a pharmacist!

If you love making pickles and are looking for the ingredients in a French store, please make sure you don’t ask the shopkeeper for a can of preservatives. He might ask you to get those from a local pharmacy or a vending machine because it means ‘condoms’ in France.

4. Use the word ‘peach’ in Turkey when you wish to abuse

I love this fruit, but when in Turkey avoid using this word as it means ‘bastard’ in Turkish.

5. ‘Speeding’ is farting in Sweden & don’t ask for a ‘kiss’

If you happen to sit amongst a group of friends and are all gaga over your latest bike, then avoid mentioning the word ‘speed’ as it might lead to people moving away from you. It means ‘fart’ in Sweden.

And, you’ve fallen in love with a Swedish babe and are drooling over her beautiful eyes. You end up asking her for a kiss, but she shows you the way to the toilet – Don’t be surprised – It means ‘pee’ in Swedish.

6. Don’t ask for ‘salsa’ in Korea, poop is what you’ll get

Finding some Mexican food in Korea would not be an easy task because every time you’d ask someone for salsa they’d give you a strange look as you’d be asking them for ‘diarrhoea’.

7. No wonders there’s no ‘Jerry’ in Japan

This is again a term which means ‘diarrhea’ but in Japanese.

8. Wonder what ‘pay day’ is called in Portugese

Everyone is happy as it’s pay day, but if you happen to be in Portugal then please don’t sing too loud about it as pay day means ‘I farted’ in Portuguese.

And, if trying to show-off your English vocab for impressing someone and calling their work as an ‘exquisite’ piece, it won’t be taken very nicely in Portugal as ‘esquisito’ in Portuguese means ‘weird’. Weird, isn’t it!

9. Don’t say ‘cookie’ when Hungary

If you’re visiting Hungary and are feeling hungry, then you better not ask for cookies as you might be given something in return which you just didn’t want – Cookie in Hungary means ‘small penis’.

10. You are a ‘cool’ bum in Spain

It would be best to avoid this word when in Spain as ‘culo’ is a crude term for ‘bum’ in Spanish.

11. And, in Netherlands, they don’t call their kids ‘Bill’

So when you dine out in Netherlands, you never ask for a bill b’coz if you do, you’d be thrown out immediately! Bill means ‘buttocks’ in Netherlands.

12. You are a ‘tremendous’ liar in Italy

Refrain from boasting about the tremendous prices you offer your clients. In Italy, ‘tremendo’ is the word for ‘terrible’.

13. In which country would ‘bra’ mean arms? France!

If you wish to buy a garment for covering your breasts in France, then you better not ask for a bra as the vendor might think you’re selling arms. Literally!

So now that you know about all the things you shouldn’t say, try learning a few basic words of the country you plan to fly to, for your vacation. It always helps..!!!

Enjoy your trip and do let us know if there are other words which have embarrassed you while holidaying. Khurki will keep a note for those in future!

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KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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