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Things I Wish I Could Tell My Dad! Don’t Wait…



Certain things are secrets…like real secrets and barely anyone knows about them.

Some are stories only to be dictated to the BFFs.

But when your Dad’s your best friend, you rarely need a party to share tales with…. Is it true?

No! It’s not because there is even more strange stuff which you just wish to tell your Dad and unfortunately, those are just left as wishes…

Khurki gets you a list of such things which you surely always wanted to share with your dear daddy but you just couldn’t…

Bunking the college is NOT A BIG DEAL!


I have had 3 affairs in the past…


Sorry for not accepting my mistakes ever

1889687 (1)

Have beer with you one day


I got 3 suppli(s) this semester…


Life is too short to think twice!


Impressing my girlfriend is also important…


Don’t understand me, ACCEPT ME!


I do smoke, regularly!


Those nightouts termed as studies were all tall stories…

I want to marry the love of my life!


I think of YOU when I’m in pain


How much I love you!


At times, there comes a point in life when we’re just unable to thank parents because of some unavoidable issues or maybe we’re upset with them due to some reason.

Also, there are some deep rooted feelings that are never conveyed and are left as silence feelings.

Khurki brings you along some of these:

Thank you for:

Being my consistent encouragement factory

Side view of father teaching son how to cycle bicycle (10-11)

For providing me with all the luxuries of life


Responsibilties performed even after being burdened


I’m sure these were most of the things, feelings, talks that you always wished to tell your dear Daddy! Have more to say? The response columns are waiting…

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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