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13 reasons why people care so much about Friday the 13th

The debate for the truth behind whether ‘Friday the 13th’ is real or just a superstition is never ending. People with logical thinking have plenty of logic to explain their stand & believers have many suitable examples to explain their own stand.

But why do people care so much about Friday the 13th well there are various reasons but the major one is the fear itself. There are various trivial facts which are not so trivial for those who believe in the evil of the infamous date.

Name Game

The fear of ‘Friday the 13th’ has been given a scientific name “paraskevidekatriaphobia”. It occurs from the Greek words Paraskeví which means “Friday”, and dekatreís which thirteen.

Judas theory

As per this theory at the last supper of Jesus the 13th disciple to sat on the table was the one who later betrayed Jesus. Though the Bible says nothing about the order in which disciples sat, but there were thirteen people.

Hammurabi Theory

the earliest reference to thirteen being unlucky or evil is in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi (circa 1780 BCE), where the thirteenth law is said to be omitted. Source Wiki.

Game of Times

Number of times Friday the 13th falls is also interesting, it occurred twice, on January 13 and October 13. In 2018, it will also occur twice on April 13 and July 13. Also, there will be two Friday the 13ths every year until 2020, where 2021 and 2022 will have just one occurrence, in August and May respectively.

Governments are scared too

Even governments of the various countries of the world believe in the superstition of the number ’13’. There are many roads, airports, hotels where the infamous numeration is not used.

Not just the West but East too

There are many such hotels, airports which do not follow the numeration. Chandigarh, a city in India, one of the first planned city of the country doesn’t have the 13 Sector. Though you can also blame it on the French Architect Le Corbusier, but it was obviously done with the permission of the Government of India. And then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was keeping a direct eye on the project, it won’t have gone approved without his notice.

Airlines pays the price

As per a research done by airlines often gets lower booking on the D-Day. Travel inquiries almost drop by 27% on the Friday the 13th.

Hollywood filmmakers

Entertainment industry takes all the benefits from plot, it includes 12 films, a TV series, a novel and comic series, and obviously made hundreds of millions of dollars out of it. Fear sells well you see.

The fear is known as

The fear of the number 13 has also been recognized and is given a scientific name: “triskaidekaphobia“.

National Accident Day

Remember how we just told you that various governments recognize the terror of the infamous Friday 13 date? Well, Finland is a step ahead, they observe National Accident Day. Launched in 1995, the day is used to raise awareness around automotive protocols and workplace safety. This important initiative teaches people how important it is to take care in their day to day lives and aims to educate people about disabilities and disability insurance. If you would like to learn more about safeguarding against workplace accidents, you can start by doing some research into finding a disability insurance quote online. Above all being financially prepared for the eventuality of an accident can significantly reduce the financial repercussions of being unable to work as a result of a disability for instance.

Stock Exchange

Few researchers at the University of Miami have established that Friday the 13th has severe effects on stock markets around the globe. Apparently, the worst Friday the 13th for stocks was a loss of 6.1% on Oct. 13, 1989.

Global Yet Not Global

Not every religion or community believes in the Friday the the 13th being unlucky. Islam which one of the biggest religions of the world does not believe in unlucky Friday the 13th. In fact Friday is considered holy as per Islam. Even Hinduism does not show any sign of superstition against Friday the 13th. In Spanish and Greek cultures, Tuesday the 13th is considered ominous. In Italian culture, Friday the 17th is considered to be more unlucky.

Sunday Trivia

Lastly the trivial most detail, for any month to have a Friday the 13th it must begin with a Sunday!


Are you scared? Or you don’t care?

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