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10 Tips On Making A Man Fall In Love And Stay That Way!

Love is in the air…

Whenever the weather starts getting warmer, we all wish we had a special someone to spend time with. Sometimes, it can be tricky to find and get this special someone, but it’s all about confidence, being yourself and really putting in the best of yourself.

If you’ve fallen for a man, you’d like him to feel the same way about you…

Khurki reveals some of the secrets behind the science of attraction, and how to use them to make him fall for you.

Love him


Loving him is the way to his heart.

Be Confident

An average looking woman who is full of confidence and humour is far more appealing than a sadistic pretty face.

Be mysterious

Boys get bored of the same toy as nothing more to explore. Exploration intrigues them,wanting to know more… So girls, never reveal yourself completely.

Be a little less available


Let his like convert into love, give him some time to miss you. Practice absence, instigate his desire buttons.

No tantrums


Yes ladies, no tantrums at all and try to appreciate them.

Make him feel good


Your efforts are required here.

Proper space


Space in proportion is a way to man’s life.

Understand him


Understanding of his likes and dislikes, you can’t apply ‘what attracts women to what attracts men’.

Care for him


Motherly care. Yeah, girl should treat her man as her baby.

Be happy


A sensible man gets attracted to a happy woman.

If you keep all of these points in mind, that guy you like won’t even have a choice in the matter. In his mind, he’s just found the perfect woman.

Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!


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