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10 Times Bollywood Actresses Got Angry With The Media

Although we have seen mediapersons getting all the respect that they deserve but there have been times when one of our own fraternity members go a little overboard in getting their bit of sansani khabar or khulasey.

Ultimately, they either get bashed in public or are given ultimate replies by the celebrities.

Here are all those baesti moments when the Bollywood actresses bashed media or precisely the over-smart reporters:

1. Here is PeeCee in full-on faadu mode

She reacted when asked about an article in which presumably Shah Rukh Khan had stated that after 9/11 Muslims weren’t feeling safe in India anymore…

2. Up next is the second of the clan Parineeti, who too got upset when a generic remark was made by a reporter on girls

3. Raveena Tandon’s Mumbaikar language was all out in her angry mode when she refused to get clicked

4. After this reaction of Mallika Sherawat, I got a sense of respect for her…Well said lady..!!

5. Kashmira Shah has been in news for her tough head always and this one too shows that women, when teased regarding men’s preferred choice of females, will always get them boiling over..!!

6. Alia Bhatt lashed out at a journalist when he asked her about the significance of Holi.

7. Here’s Deepika Padukone getting upset with a journalist when asked about her cleavage controversy

8. Sonam blamed the bharatiya naari for creating unwanted versions of a statement..

9. Mardaani actress Rani Mukherjee got angry with a journalist when actresses were termed as achaar by him

10. At her sister-in-law Ramola Bachchan’s designer fashion store launch, Jaya, too, gave a piece of her mind to the media

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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