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10 Things Your Jeans Tell About You

Jeans and Genes! They have something in common!

We all choose our clothes on the basis of what suits us and what is in fashion currently. How many of us have given it a thought that these are the same clothes that also speak about the kind of person we are. Well, am sure not many!

At Khurki, it is our job to bring out innovative stuff and we are sure to have you nodding your head in agreement or shaking it in disapproval. The kind of jeans that we wear whispers out about our personality. Have a dekko…

1. Tight, Tapering and Thin Belt

I need some attention please; my legs are sexy
I need some attention please; my legs are sexy

2. Boot Cut

I’ve got the attitude; I’ll wear what I want and for God’s sake don’t judge me!

3. Prada or Gucci

I’ve got the money and I’d show-off my money

4. Rugged and Ripped

I’ve got the style and I’d carry it all the way

5. Coloured

Please teach me some style; denims got to be blue

6. Creased

I wear jeans because everyone thinks they are cool; I’m the trouser type

7. Stone-Washed

I believe in my own cult; long live the cowboys

8. Low Waist

I possibly cannot get them to the waist, bulge in the belly…ouch

9. High waist with broad belt

I bought these in the 90s

10. Flairs and Bell Bottoms

Sharon Stone and Hema Malini are my favourites; multi-tasking mom



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