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10 Things You Must Do When You Visit Haridwar

Well, if you visit Haridwar and that too not for the ‘Asthi-Visarjan’  you can have great fun exploring the culture of the place.

Khurki’s expert team collected 10 things one must do when you are at this sacred place.

1. Holy Dip at the Har Ki Pauri


Most obvious, start from a walk at the Har Ki Pauri. At this place, you can feel the warmth of Goddess Ganga and that too with a holy dip in cold water. It is one of the most visited Hindu pilgrimages of the world and a must visit when you reach Haridwar.

2. Chhole Puri at Mohan ‘Ji’ Poori Wale


Haridwar is one of the best places for food lovers, especially the Har Ki Pauri premises where you visit Mohan Ji Poori Wale. That’s the only place in India we guess where people stand in line waiting for their turn for food and that too, when the food is not for free.

3. Visit Mansa Devi & Chandi Devi Temple for devotion and trolley ride


Mansa Devi is considered one of the most sacred places within this sacred city. Along with devotion, you can have a whole lot of fun with trolley ride and an amazing view from the top.

4. Punjabi food at Hoshiyar Puri Hotel


Paranthas and lassi, another sacred diet you can have at Hoshiyar Puri Hotel known for its Punjabi food. Statutory Warning: Food is super rich in taste and spices

5. Daksheswara Temple, where lord Shiva married Sati


This is the place which is related with number of mythological stories, mentioning any one out of them would confuse us and you as well. But the aura of the place is something you will look forward to every time you visit Haridwar.

6. Sapt Rishi Ashram for a soulful trip


When you visit Haridwar, you will come across many ‘firangs’ in search of peace, meditation, divinity. But all these soulful things are not just for them. They have the same divine effect on we desi people as well. So make use of it.

7. Mercury Shivling in Harihar Ashram


Situated in the town of Kankhal, some 4 km from Haridwar, this ashram is famous for the Shivling in its premises. “Parad Shivling” – one of the oldest and sacred Shivlings made of Mercury is a must see.

8. Evening Maha-Aarti at Har Ki Pauri


A tradition being followed for years can only be experienced and not explained. So go and do it!

9. Trace your ancestry in Hindu genealogy registers


This the place from where you can find out all about your ancestors in registers which are maintained by approximately 300 ‘Pandas’ (Priests). This is a tradition which has been sustained for thousands of years.

10. Save yourself from Pick Pockets (Paakitmaar)


All you have to do is, be a little more cautious and keep your stuff close to you. And carry as less luggage as possible.

And don’t forget to shout as loud as possible “JAI GANGA MATA KI”!!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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