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10 Quotes That Prove Osho Was Not Just About ‘Sex’

Bhagwan Rajneesh, Chandra Mohan or Osho – the latter being as he is most popularly known. I have met many people who associate Osho only with “Sambhog“. The man who has come to be known as a ‘sex guru’ and nothing else. The biggest problem with us humans is that we judge people without knowing who they are or what they are. We all live in a world where if being wrong is what maximum people are agreeing to, we go with the majority.

So the next time you want to typecast a person or you want to form an opinion on anyone, try to   know him a little first.

So, talking about Osho, if you TOO thought he was only about sex, allow me to bust those myths as I bring you his thoughts on life, love friendship and God.

And when friendship is explained best

Authenticity of Creativity



Love is not about possession



And when you are seeking God

The best way to meditate is…


Experience it all fellows..




That’s what a true prayer is

Truth is within you




Understanding women

The love for imperfect world




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