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10 Must-Have Qualities An Ideal Husband Must Possess

Every girl starts dreaming of her prince charming from a very young age. He who’s perfect, has no flaws, loves her, cares for her, protects her, provides for her, loves and respects her parents…in short, her Hero!

But, no one is perfect. So, to expect a guy to possess all these qualities is asking for a bit too much. A relationship is a two-way street. You will bring out the best in your partner if you think of how you can help them shine. It will be easier to notice all the best parts of them and they might end up feeling perfect in the end!

No relationship is without its trials and tribulations though, if things get a bit lackluster in the bedroom after a while do your best to communicate this. A good spouse will listen to you and suggest ways to improve bedroom issues. You could even end up researching new ways to sexually satisfy each other through websites like www.pornbl.com.

When looking for the right partner look to be the best version of yourself so they can find it easier to bring the best version of themselves to the relationship.

But yeah! Khurki thinks pleasing a girl is not so difficult, so here we list 10 top qualities an ideal husband must have:

10 Trust and loyalty to avoid emotional atyachar

Basic essence of love to maintain a successful marriage so that you don’t raid his phone or make him go through a loyalty check. Relationship depends on trust, both should have equal trust on each otherwise it is really difficult to manage things. Therefore, every girl wants her husband to be trustworthy and loyal towards her.

9 Loves you with all his heart…and appreciates your presence!

Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, the most romantic and loveable couple in Bollywood. Every girl wishes her husband to be as loveable as Ritesh. Love means care, attention and importance given to a person. Tum hi ho… Ab tum hi ho… Zindagi… Ab tum hi hoKhurki suggests this to be a perfect song for husbands to express their love and appreciate your presence in his life.

8 Accepts you as you are!

Love means accepting a person with all their failures, stupidity, ugly points and still sees perfection in all the imperfections you may have. As we all know, no one is perfect – not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of nature. Each and every person possesses some flaws and getting a husband who accepts her and loves her with all her flaws is the best a girl can get.

7 Pampers you!!

Aww baby, love u shona, Miss u darling, Hey beautiful, Sexy lady …PAMPERING !!!

We girls love being pampered like little kids. A guy who pampers his girl can never go wrong in his relation. It is a sign that he cares about your happiness. It can be small gestures like taking you out on a date, getting a rose, singing a song for you – all these small gestures are all we expect from our husbands.

6 Understanding!!

Understanding is a key feature for any relationship to be successful. He should be able to understand your mood swings and take out some time to talk to you to understand your problems. Why are you in such a situation? As misunderstandings can only be solved by communication. So a girl can never say “Tum mujhe kabhi nahi samajh sakte“.

5 Respects your family

A man who has a close relationship with your family is a man you want to be with. Respect for you and as well as your family is usually expected by girls from their husbands. He should respect your family members and even your friends and treat your family members as his. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your part of the family is the most attractive thing a husband can do.

4 Well-settled

When it’s a matter of husband and not your boyfriend, every girl wants him to earn a good living and even hold a good future. Own house, well-settled job and attractive salary so that their needs can be fulfilled and requirement for good life to be led.

3 Loves kids AND dogs…

Girls are fond of pets and love dogs so do they expect from their husbands to love their kuchi-puchi dogs like their children. And if one is not fond of dogs, at least allows her to keep one.

Who doesn’t love kids ???

Khurki is absolutely sure of the fact, girls love kids. But sadly it is not the same with guys. They find them really irritating, ARGHHHH Khurki feels a guy playing with kids is the sexiest thing ever. And yeah! At some point of time you would surely want a family.

2 Supportive

A good husband is one who supports you through your good and bad. He should listen to you, guide you on the right path and even support your decision. Be it you career move or any other personal or professional decision, he should support you and guide you.

1 Romantic and Compatible

Expressing your love in an unexpected and exciting way is being romantic. Girls wish to be with the one who is really romantic and compatible so that they enjoy their marriage life fully. Khurki suggests pointers to be “romantic” in a woman’s way: 1. Take her for a candle-light dinner, and 2. Surprise her with gifts and outings.



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