10 Greatest Punjabi Folk Songs Hummed By Every Punjabi


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Punjab is known as the land of festivals and every festival here is associated with music and dance.

Punjabi people accept that “anytime is a good time for music”. No get-together passes are complete without the announcement of music party. Punjabi folk is so rhythmic, versatile and diverse that every man can feel its beauty and charm.

However, mention of Punjabi music would be incomplete without these notable folk singers who won hearts of millions of people with their originality, longevity, social impact, poetic value, versatility, skills.

Khurki lists top 10 evergreen Punjabi folk songs that every Punjabi loves to hear and treasures.

“Kaali Teri Gutt Te Paranda Tera Laal Ni…”

Sung by the ever so melodious Asa Singh Mastana, best known for imparting his voice to the Bollywood film Heer.

“Kulli Rah Vich Pai Asan Tere, Te Aanda Janda Takda Rahveen…”

Sung by nationally-acclaimed singer of Sufiyana Qalam, Bibi Swarn Nooran and written by Baba Bulle Shah.

“Baba Ve Kala Maror…”

The tease song of Jagmohan Kaur, Punjabi Singer from East Punjab.

“Tere Tile Toon” credited to Kuldeep Manak!

This song was an all-time hit released in 1976. Kuldeep Manak has been the most influential singer ever aka The King of Kaliyan.

“Gori Diyan Jhanjhran Bulaondiyan Gayyian” by Prakash Kaur.

The first female radio singer in the 1940s.

“Bhande Kali Karalo”

One of the biggest hits of Rangila Jatt in his career.

 “Aa Gaya Vanjara Ve, Charhale Bhabi Churiyan”

Punjab Di Koyal Surinder Kaur, who was credited for pioneering and popularizing Punjabi folk songs.

“Ve Mahiya Tere Wekhan Nu Chuk Charkha Gali De Vich Daawan”

Sung by Wadali Brothers, who are Sufi singers and musicians from Guru Ki Wadali in Amritsar district.

How can we forget Lal Chand Yamla Jatt’s famous number “Tere Ni Karara Mainu Pattya, Dass Main Ki Pyaar Wichon Khattya”.

Yamla Jatt was a renowned Punjabi folk singer popularly known as “Ustad Ji”.

Last but not the least Surinder Shinda’s track  “Jagga”.

Jagga is known as the Robin Hood of Punjab for “Robbing from the rich and giving to poor” and the tale of Jagat Singh Jagga is still alive in Punjabi folk songs.

Such are the songs that represent the true spirit of Punjabi folk traditions and can be found with all true lovers of Punjabi culture.


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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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