10 Eve-Teasing Lines Girls Hate The Most But Won’t Admit!

A ridiculous form of enjoyment for men and a physical as well as mental torture for women can be summed up in one word: EVE-TEASING!

One of the daily problems every female faces. Streets, bus stand, railway station, parks and almost at all public places there is some or the other scene of harassment for a woman. Whistling, hooting, using words like pataka, totta, soniyo, baby blah blah – all these are very irritating for those who are addressed as such.

Khurki puts together 10 most irritating lines that every girl must have been subject to. Here it goes:


10. Yeah!!! Your size!! And the comment goes…

“Hey, what a figure! “Is it 36, 24, 36?? and if you walk on silently without any reaction then an another comment comes out…”You bitch”!