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10 Eve-Teasing Lines Girls Hate The Most But Won’t Admit!


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Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

A ridiculous form of enjoyment for men and a physical as well as mental torture for women can be summed up in one word: EVE-TEASING!

One of the daily problems every female faces. Streets, bus stand, railway station, parks and almost at all public places there is some or the other scene of harassment for a woman. Whistling, hooting, using words like pataka, totta, soniyo, baby blah blah – all these are very irritating for those who are addressed as such.

Khurki puts together 10 most irritating lines that every girl must have been subject to. Here it goes:

Yeah!!! Your size!! And the comment goes…

“Hey, what a figure! “Is it 36, 24, 36?? and if you walk on silently without any reaction then an another comment comes out…”You bitch”!

“Hey, hi!! Can I drop you somewhere?”

Most common comment ever on ladies. It’s hard to understand why men are so keen on dropping them. Are they super vella or what??

Commenting on sanitary napkins….Yuck really !!


The most shitty comment everrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

Sexy Ass…Hot Chick…Yo babe!!!

If by mistake, a girl is wearing a short dress or something then unbearable comments such as ‘sexy ass’, ‘hot chick’ and many more will follow. Men, across all age groups, will stare at you. Ufff! Jaise kabhi tange na dekhi ho and as if our legs are made of Nutella…

Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! Chhamiya Chal na…(Ewwwwwww)


Yeah girls face it, horrible truth and disgusting thing in their lives.

Aayyee Hayyee Idhar To Aaja Jaaneman…

Khurki knows it is so cheap and vulgar but it is reality.

Body language says it all


Staring,cheap and vulgar expressions including kissiya, ankh marna, etc. etc. are most harassing and hateful.

Fuck off, Fuck you or the middle finger!!

If nothing else, then they will abuse you and embarrass you too.

Checking out your whole body (from head to toe)

Xactly!!! You will be scanned completely from top to bottom.

Stalkers and bad touch

From your house to your destination, they will keep following you like hell…They will even try to touch your body parts, which is very ridiculous.

So, men must take note of this and avoid following or stalking or teasing any girl.

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