Watch How He Sees The New World After 44 Years Of Jail!

Time machine, walking into future, new world – we all have heard so much about it! Science fiction films, future predictions and the works. It is all unseen and can only be imagined.

But have yo seen or heard of a person who is not in sync with the present. Well, here’s a man who has finished his 44-year-long prison term and come out to find a completely different world.


An eyeopener for many of us!

Generally, when somebody tells us the story of a criminal it would largely be about how he became one, what all he did and how he went to jail!

But here’s a different story done by Al Jazeera English that shows how his world and our world has changed over a gap of 44 years. How people have become alien to him and completely changed! It’s completely a new world for him!

Meet Otis Johnson, who’s come out of jail after 44 years to find a new techie world.

“I had seen that everybody, or the majority of the people, was talking to themselves. Then I looked closer and they seemed to have things in their ears”.