Upgrade On Mind, Here Are 7 Bikes Under Rs 2 Lakh You Can Consider!

The journey on road starts with a two wheeler, be it a cycle or a moped. But eventually we tend to upgrade and with each step prefer to purchase a better and latest technology auto. Once a beginner or regular user is all satisfied with his/her two wheeler, they get attracted to the latest launches and thus start planning and saving to get hold of a new bike. It’s not at all bad, we all grow, so do our autos also have to. So here are 7 best options under the bracket of Rs 2 lakh and for those who are looking for pure performance, practicality and increasing their ride tours.

6. Honda CBR 250R

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A fully faired bike, the CBR 250R is a perfect choice for daily commute or even for touring. Since its launch the bike has proved out to be one of the most favorite touring bikes in India. The Honda CBR 250R falls under the category of one of the most affordable 250CC motorcycle on sale. With its friendly ergonomics and comfortable riding position, this Honda piece gives you a sporty touch even.

Price – Rs 1.6 Lakh

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