Twinkle Khanna Slammed For Posting A Pic Sitting On A Pile Of Books!

Twinkle Khanna aka MrsFunnyBones hits headlines quite often. Almost all the time for some good reason. At times for her sarcasm & humour and at times for speaking for issues. And unlike many celebs she makes sense most of time.

But this one time she is into a controversy for posting a picture. Though it is common in India to see outrage for a nude picture of celebs. But this time case is slightly different, as Twinkle Khanna posted a pic sitting on a pile of books. Yup that kind of picture coming from an author is difficult to digest for many.

So this how twitter reacted..


But then looking at the outrage Twinkle Khanna Clarified the issue saying…


But are you satisfied with her explanation?