Take Notes, These Are Things That Make Your Love Last

Are we still in love with each other or are we just living together? Has it come to this that your communication is restricted to basics and more of stick notes on your fridge. You don’t even realize that each other’s existence has become so matter-of-fact that it lost its spark. Slowly & steadily, you have started living like room mates. But you don’t always have to. You can change the scenario. No we are not talking about quitting and moving on  but about things that can make your love last. Well, love in real life is not like they show you in a two-hour movie. Always remember a movie is inspired by a true love story, but a true love story is never inspired by a movie. But what if either of it goes missing from your life? What will make love last?


7. Crust of love, trust

It is not always you have to check his/her phone to see if the person is loyal. Loyalty can be seen in the eyes, trust is no app you simply install and get notifications about. It is something which needs to be nurtured and appreciated.