7 Reasons Why Strands Salon App Is A Must-Have App!


To look good is not just an outside thing, you have to feel good from the inside as well. That’s exactly what Strands Salon has been doing for years – making you feel good outside & inside both. The journey of this organisation began in 2005 and it has now grown to become one of the biggest salon chains in the country. But it hasn’t been that easy as it sounds. Team Strands has fought stereotypes relating to the business of hair in India. They certainly respect the effort and creativity involved in the profession. And not just that, the ultimate priority “the customer” is the reason of the immense success of the organisation. And that’s how they have come up with one-of-its-kind App for Strands Salon. And the App is not just another App eating your storage space. There is a lot more to it..


8. Hassle-free appointment

First of its kind App in the salon industry which gives you appointment within two hours of your CLICK.  Also, you will get a confirmation within 30 minutes of your appointment request.