Strands Salon App Gets Better Than Best Now With Cash Back Offer!


Styling yourself for better is not for others but for yourself. And when it’s for yourself, it can be nothing but the best. And that is what Strands Salon is known best for – providing the best to its clients and making a person look good for that most important – SELF.

And in another such step towards providing the best, Strands Salon has made availbale an App which helps the clients stay connected. The App offers a solution to the problem of locating the nearest Strands Salon, making your bookings and keeping yourself updated about the timely special offers.

The priority “the customer” that this App gives is the reason for its immense success. This unique App gives you an appointment within two hours of your CLICK and a confirmation within 30 minutes of your request.

The small size of the App is a benefit for your mobile phone’s storage space, even after the introduction of App’s very own Wallet. Cash usually turns out to be the biggest issue and in the current days of money turning from an asset to liability, this App is something that will definitely get your thumbs-up.

This App would not only make you stand tallest in your style game but also offer you many monetary benefits. For your first download, you will get 500 bucks in your Wallet. This means you will be getting Rs 500 worth of services free on your first booking. And Rs 200 off on 2nd booking with minimum booking for Rs 500 worth of services. And on referring this App to someone else & sharing the reference code, you will get Rs 100 in your Wallet.


Strands App is also a blessing for frequent travellers. For those who are skipping from one city to another and between umpteen board meetings, this App is a blessing in disguise for beating the stress.

If your work makes you travel a lot, this is one click solution for your personal care. With Strands App, you can fix your city-specific appointment whenever you need one. Not just that, with your Wallet you can get the best membership options as well, right from 5k to 75k.


Pretty soon, this team is going to come up with its next update. And believe you me, the update is something you should look forward to. Afterall, the Group has set itself unsurpassable standards and makes all-out efforts to live up to the expectations of the precious friends that it has earned for itself.

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