Aura Is The Real Beauty…Makeup Artist Raman Ghai!


She studied HR in Australia. Was supposed to pursue it as her career. Instead, today she is known for her expertise and innovation as a makeup artist. WHAT are you saying, anyone would ask!

Yup that’s right. Meet Raman Ghai, who today is the most sought-after makeup artist of the region north of Delhi. Raman has over 10,000 bridal makeups under her beautiful belt. This would be seen as a drastic shift for anyone who doesn’t know Raman Ghai. But one interaction with this pleasing personality, you would just fall in love with the magnetic charisma she exudes.

makeup artist

Khurki team was quite elated when this renowned makeup artist of the region joined them for a cup of tea. Thus started the recounting the story of her becoming the fantastic artist, who in her nine years of career, added to the beauty of thousands of girls.

makeup artistmakeup artistmakeup artist

Women in top designations always leave you with a great impression. Raman Ghai proved to be no exception! She left our team spellbound with her experience and the knowledge of the industry. Doing a course of an HR professional from Australia then working as one in India, it took her no time realizing that it is not her true calling.

The real life Rancho explored her passion for makeup and styling and she ended up doing a small course on makeup. That’s exactly when she realized that she is meant for what she is learning. This was the beginning of the journey of Raman Ghai.

From a fresher in a company to becoming Creative Director Academy & HR, this lady has come a long way. Giving the credit of her learning and growth to the company CEO Naunihal Singh, she has explored a lot in the industry. When it comes to the over 10k bridals, she is a hardcore professional but with a personal touch. She makes sure she bonds with her client much before the D-Day. Getting a bride ready for her marriage is much more than just another makeup for Raman. She strongly believes in enhancing the actual beauty of the bride than turning a person into someone else.

makeup artist

Heading such a position, one needs to be a great leader and she has proved her mettle every time. When it comes to dealing with the stereotypes about her industry, making her employees and co-workers take pride in what they are doing is an integral part of her profile. God is not always this kind when it comes to giving you a BOSS like her.

Busting the myth that only women visit salons and take care of themselves, Raman informed us about how the trends have changed over the years. Half of Strands clients, she revealed, were men. From 70:30, the ratio has changed to 50-50, at least at Strands. Right from pedicure and manicure to facials and hairstyling, men have started taking care of themselves.

Such factors add to her confidence about the growth of her company and the industry on the whole. But at what rate is our question: 200%, she promptly replies. And that is the reason she does not hesitate in recommending salon industry as a career option to youngsters looking for a stable profession. Afterall, it is a recession proof and booming industry.

makeup artist

She is a beauty beautifying beauty for nearly a decade. And that’s why we simply couldn’t resist ourselves to ask her about how she defined beauty. Pat came the reply that nothing beats the AURA of a person. She strongly believes that there is nothing beyond aura that can make a beautiful person. One who exudes positive vibes is a real beauty and what that person is wearing or has makeup stops to matter. 

And no wonders, she is one such person in real life. May be that’s what is a perfect example of ‘teach what you preach’.