Avoid! These Sex Positions Are Possible Only In Movies!

Movies weave a magic, which makes everything look possible and so pleasurable. They can make a ruin look like a fairytale and something so ordinary, breathtaking. But when it comes to sex, they make tricky positions look so hot and sexy. In reality, human beings and our bodies are not designed for these extremely strange sex positions. But directors continue to include them in movies and the audiences continue to believe, and even try them at home. We have for you today such positions, which are simply not possible in normal life.


5. Sex Against The Wall

Movies: Roadhouse, Atonement, The Notebook, Sleeping With The Enemy

We are sorry to say this, but this position is a complete bogus one. It is only possible if the man is a bodybuilder and she weighs as much as a kid. You won’t be able to hold the position for more than forty seconds.