9 Things Every Royal Enfield Bullet Owner Is Tired Of Listening

Well “Bullet” is one of the best bikes Indian roads has ever seen. They are ruling the market in their own segment.

Royal Enfield Bullet from years is successful in winning over our hearts. The “Dug-Dug” factor of this bike is a fantasy of every guy from Punjab. Be it north be it south be it center or the hills, this bike’s a hit and the first choice for all who can afford it. But all you Bullet owners out there, we know what you struggle from, it’s not about the bike but about the questions that every Bullet owner gets asked.

Khurki can feel your pain and would like to share so that all you ‘B.K’ (Bullet Knowledge) hungry people learn here, and spare the ‘Bulleteers’.


9. Bhai average kya deti hai?