10 Reasons To Prefer Adopting Over Buying A Pup!

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Being greeted by a pet dog at your doorstep when you return after a long tiring day takes away all the stress. This same emotion can be created with a pup you haven’t bought but adopted. Since historical times, dogs have been a man’s best friend, so try and cherish that friendship by not buying it but creating it out of love and care. On Indian streets, you find many pups fighting harsh weather. Half of them die as they are not able to cope with extreme weather conditions. So all you have to do is give life to an already born!

KHURKI lists out 10 reasons why you should prefer adoption over buying a dog!


10. You grow spiritually

Helping out a puppy in pain, feeding it or providing it shelter is something that should definitely be counted as good karma. Chanting of words might or might not be heard by God, but actions like these definitely boost your karma score.