7 Problems That A Visitor To Himachal Pradesh Needs To Stop Causing!

Himachal Pradesh is majorly known for its lush green environment, but it has a dark side too. The state is a major tourist attraction in India, yet there are grave problems that if not addressed will cause an irreversible damage. Himachal being home to a lot of mountains and also the mighty Himalayas is prone to a lot of attention from the rest of the country. Himachalis being self sufficient know how to deal with problems, but these are a few issues that are quite alarming right now and need immediate external intervention.

6. Environmental Degradation

Environmental change is a major issue in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Major hydro projects are damaging the state which definitely not worth the profit they are making out of it. Landslides and ecological imbalance are being aggravated because of these projects. For local energy production, small micro level are sufficient which hardly cause any harm to the environment.

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